Miniature is the compilation of 27 small musical pieces for solo harp composed in March 2020 by Francesca Romana Di Nicola. The title refers to the brevity but also to the peculiarity of the 27 pieces: each one is a small world, has its own title and tells a personal story inspired by an emotion, a reflection, a childhood memory or an emblematic place for Francesca, from her past in Italy or her present in the Basque Country.
The common denominator in all the musical miniatures is the flow and pass of time.

Miniature is a winding path that also evokes the images of the places they represent with their emotional charge. Each piece makes its way suggesting impressions, emotions with its incessant rhythms where the sovereign nature shows itself, inspires and governs everyday life.

By listening to the vibrations of the harp, the listener is invited to let themselves be carried away by evocative sonorities. A multisensory experience in which everything is constantly changing, involving all the senses: a sound and visual journey to perceive nature and its strength, whether it is paid homage to, unveiled or simply described, under different perspectives where every emotion is channelled, transferred and transformed into new energy.

Record Company: Convivium Records.


Miniature - Harp Solo - Francesca Romana Di Nicola
Miniature - Harp Solo - Francesca Romana Di Nicola


Best Classical Musicians Awards 2024 

Best original Composition “Arabic Habanera”

Artistic Interpretation Special Prize “Arabic Habanera”

Best Classical Musicians Awards 2024- Best original Composition for "Arabic Habanera" - Francesca Romana Di Nicola
Best Classical Musicians Awards 2024- Special prize Artistic Interpretation for "Arabic Habanera" - Francesca Romana Di Nicola
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Release Date : 03/11/2023
Genre : Harp Solo
Catalog ref. : CR089