” Ploc, Ploc, …Plik!” is a show designed by the theatre group “Pasadas las 4”, directed by Belén Otxotorena and Inma Gurrea, for children aged 0 to 6. The music of A. Piazzolla, C. Debussy, J. Offenbach or Boccherini coexist with a traditional Congolese song or improvisation arising from percussion, flute and harp, enveloping the audience in the universe of an element close to the youngest: water.

The children and their adult companions will be on stage and will take an active part in the show; in a fusion of music and theatre, they will sing and dance to the rhythm of drops of diversity to feel the music and enjoy it. The aim of this concert is to contribute with music to the development of all the facets that make up human intelligence: to establish a direct relationship with music and its language or poetics and with the environment, to develop creative and thinking skills, to educate sensitivity, education in values or to promote the physical development of perceptive levels, etc.

Reportage by Basque TV EITB

Ploc, Ploc … Plik!