1. Sonata in G Maggiore II - C. Ph. E. Bach Francesca Romana Di Nicola 4:40
  2. Sonata in G Maggiore I - C. Ph. E. Bach Francesca Romana Di Nicola 5:08
  3. Romanesca, guárdame las vacas - Anonimo Francesca Romana Di Nicola 2:14
  4. Passacaglia del balletto - G. Frescobaldi Francesca Romana Di Nicola 2:19

In the past, the living room was formerly the place where small chamber concerts were held only for the most intimate invited friends. Nowadays, the idea is to make the listener comfortable and to experience the same sensation, traveling back in time while feeling as like in their own home.

The audience embarks on an intimate journey through the most beautiful pages of Baroque repertoire for harp and beyond.

A plunge into the past through anonymous folk melodies from the early baroque to well-known authors such as Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach or G.F. Haendel, famous composers which have left an imprint in the world of harp during its continuous evolution.

  1. La Colombe - O. Respighi Duo L'Incontro - Harp & Oboe 3:01
  2. La Pioggia - A. Vivaldi Duo L'Incontro - Harp & Oboe 1:40
  3. Folies d'Espagne - Anonimo Duo L'Incontro - Harp & Oboe 4:32
  4. Sonata - G. P. Telemann Duo L'Incontro - Harp & Oboe 5:13

The Baroque Living Room